Choose to Be Human

by Xposed 4Heads

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"A catchy, sing-along album about 'getting together' with more hooks than something with a lot of hooks."
-Some guy in the back

"This album is about fun, friendship, our connection to one another and that moment when everyone transcends together."
-Some other guy in the back

Energetic, fun 80's style anthems with witty jokes about social media, corporate brands, everyone being a winner, and relationships with a surprise epic Queen-style Rock Opera/Disco song about Hot Aliens.

Features Special Guests, No Wave Legends James Chance (The Contortions) and Blaine Reininger (Tuxedomoon).

Mastered by Stefan Betke (Pole) who mastered Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) and Erasure, Conrad Schnitzler, The Orb and other awesome artists.


released November 20, 2015

Produced by Mark G.E. with Kelp Chofs
Engineered by Mark G.E., Kelp Chofs, Bob Jorin, Carter Hunnicutt, Andy Stilin, Ivan Julian, Blaine Reininger
Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin

Mark G.E.: Lead Vocal
Bob Jorin: Guitars, Vocals
Kelp Chofs: Lo Synth, Keyboard, Vocoder, Rhythm Programming
Carter Hunnicutt: Hi Synth, Keyboard, Accordion, Vocoder, Theremin, Vocal
Andy Stilin: Drums and Percussion

James Chance: Saxophone on Disconnected
Blaine Reininger: Violin on TMWTD
Theresa Ala Mode: Backing Vocals on INS, SAA, WAF & HA
Alex E.: Backing Vocals on SAA & WAF
Jessica Kaminski: Photography
Combustion Boy: Heather Shinn


all rights reserved



Xposed 4Heads Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Legendary funny new wave art rock band led by Mark G.E. with Kelp Chofs, Carter Hunnicutt, Greg Barta and Andy Stilin.

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Track Name: Choose to Be Human
It's time to buck up Admit your mistake
You've gotta have the right stuff What does it take?
Where can you be found When there's a fight?
You've got to turn yourself around You know you're not right

You've got to choose to be human X 4

When you find you butt heads There's no reason why
It might as well be said You can defend the other guy
We all wanna get our way If you push it, if you shove it
You don't need to have your say You gotta try to rise above it

There's no time to fool around You've gotta get off your high horse
You can't take this road to town You're gonna get on the right course
Little is the man That doesn't leap the great expanse
No need to take a stand It's time to drop your pants!
Track Name: Don't Touch My Stuff
You've got this, you've got that I can't find it, where's it at?
You tell me I should let it be Why won't you share it with me?
Don't Touch My Stuff No No...
You got it all locked away Why won't you come out and play
You've hidden it all from view I know I'll never get it from you
No No, it's not in there
I can't find it anywhere
I can't get it, Under there!
You tell me not to peak ... Underwear?!!
No No, Don't Touch My Stuff...
Track Name: Comfort over Fashion
There was a time when looking cool was the thing to do
Got the pants to do the dance followed all the rules
Comfort over fashion it's what I'm gonna do
I'm not hip, I'm over that trip Not dressing like a fool
I'm not gonna put this trash on, It's comfort over fashion
I've given up the passion, It's comfort over fashion ...
Comfort over fashion, don't wanna look the same
I don't get it, I can't get wid, I’m not gonna play the game
Not gonna be a hipster, not growing that stupid ‘stache
Not gonna fight, those pants are too tight, you're gonna get a rash
Track Name: Generica
No need to tell one from another Everything we offer is just like the other
No need for choice, it's all the same thing Let's all rejoice, let freedom ring!
Yours’ like mine, mine's like yours, I like mine, and I like hers
We are one, It is what it is, comfort in numbers, I know what it is
This is Generica All one brand This is Generica Land of the bland
Everything's familiar, Nothing to confuse, We've got your favorites, Everything you use
No reason to travel, No reason to fear, Stay where you are, The same things are here
It's a comfort, you know what you'll get, We've got you covered, in our safety net
Everyone's protected, we're free to stay, Everyone's connected, it's the only way
Track Name: Disconnected (Featuring James Chance)
We’re your friends and we’re coming for you We’re jumping off a bridge and you can too
I’m innocent, I’ve committed no sin But the boat was tipping as the others got in
Disconnected, disconnected, We could be electric...
You told me hackers stole your heart but I know that you did your part
I’ve heard that we’re all in the same boat Your friends are vampires, Bare your throat!
Hang up, Hung Up, I got Hung Up!
Track Name: We All Win
Everyone's a winner, we all must have prizes We want a gift, we all love surprises
Wrapped up really nice, it's waiting just for you We all are winners, no matter what we do
When the rubber hits the road, you're gonna win When a flag meets the pole, wheels gonna spin
When the chickens cross the road, they're gonna win When the worm finds the hole, time to get in
We All Win...

Meet me at the top, when we all get there Winners everyone, I see winners everywhere
No need to work, it's gonna come to you We all are winners, no matter what we do
Let the dice roll, Let the games begin Don't pay the toll, you're gonna win
Bargain with your soul, you're all in Let's rock and roll! You're gonna win!
Track Name: We Are Fun
Here’s what we’re gonna do
We’re gonna trip your cool
Lose your mind come to your senses
See what you find when you jump the fences

We are are fun We are fun We are one when We are fun
You gotta wrap that in your brain crack

We all like things that are good Make a choice you know you could
It’s not that far to take a trip You gotta let go to get a grip
We want to get together...
Track Name: Tell Me What to Do (Featuring Blaine Reininger)
Close the lid Open the door Give me a kiss Give me some more
Tell me what to do, I like it when you...
Put it in front, Put it back, Tell me what you need, I like it like that
Should I move it here? Should I bring it back? Should I move it there? Should I paint it black?
Track Name: I'm Not Social
I'm just fine, I'm not online Please don't text, what you do next
Not gonna look, at your Facebook Don't wanna get, trapped in the net
Don't friend me, leave me be I don't wanna see, your selfie I'm Not Social X 4
I won't like your Post, I won't friend you, I don't want your cookies, Won't watch your YouTube
I won’t see your face, out on the space, won't go to your place, it’s all a waste
I won't tweet, don't want to meet, I won't read what's in your news feed
I've got no interest in your Pinterest, I don't give a damn about your Instagram
I'm not online I don't have (the) time
Track Name: Spread Your Mind
I heard a rumour that's all about you I heard there're some things that you won't do
I know there's some things that you won't say Everyone knows that you like it that way
You've got something that you shouldn't hide You've got something that you can't keep inside
You've got to Spread Your Mind You've Got to Spread Your Mind
You say some things don't need to be said And You like to lie where you made your bed
I'll never know just how you feel And you're not talking 'cuz your lips are sealed
Everyone knows that still waters run deep But you'll never share the secrets you keep
I know you got a bad taste in your mouth But something keeps you from spittin' it out
Track Name: New Submission
Have you been listening to music that’s passed its expiration date?
You need new vibrations in your ears, 4Heads say “Don’t Wait!”
The rhythms you’ve been dancing Got you feeling less than fresh?
Here’s a catchy little number We think that you should catch!
Don’t let your soundtrack sound stale Here’s a rhythm that will make you wag your tail
So please give your complete attention, Planet E, here’s a New Submission!
Is the love in your love life acting sort of bored?
You need music that is new That’s what 4Heads are for
The melodies are ear worms And the beats are cutting edge
The joint it will be jumping and We’ll dance you right off that ledge!
4Heads are better than one Helps to build strong teeth and gums
4Heads, ears, eyes and nose Time to let them be Xposed!
Track Name: Hot Aliens
Then came a message from a distant star
Earth needed lovers and they wanted to be ours
Hot aliens! Are coming for you Hot aliens! They know what to do

Attention Earthling, you're not alone We are coming to join your home
Your satisfaction is our intention You will love our latest invention
We traveled through space because we need you Our only desire is to please you
We're here and, we're coming for you Your dreams are, going to come true
We come from a place that's far above you Our only mission, is to love you
We know how to treat you right We just want to Boogie all night (Yes, Boogie, MMMM, Yes)

Switched-on Human:
If you dreamed of an ideal lover Whose body feels like rubber
They are designed for your pleasure The perfect fit, made to measure
They never sleep and they never tire They've got a match to start your fire
They know just how to treat you right They just want to Boogie all night
Your every wish is their desire

Satisfied Humans:
Hot aliens! Are a lot of fun Hot aliens! Can get the job done
Hot aliens! You're gonna want it Hot aliens! Gonna get down on 'it'
OoooWah OooWah, Hot aliens! Are coming!

Gonna get down, we came to get down Get on down, we wanna get down
Blast off, get down, Hot aliens come to town All Day, All Right, We boogie all night!
Track Name: Sing Along Again (The All Holiday Song)
It's a holiday today it's time to celebrate
We'll do the fun traditions the food and drink is great

Sing along again, sing along again, happy happy day!

It's fun to be together this time every year
A good time happy party with warmth and fun and cheer

Come together everyone it's fun all day and night
As long as we're together everything's all right!

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